21 Mars 1963 – Marseille – French.

Medical Genetics Department, Timone Children’s Hospital, 13385 Marseille Cedex 5.

04 91 38 77 87 – Fax : 04 91 49 41 94 – E-mail : nicolas.levy(at)

Médical Genetics et Fonctionnal Genomics (Inserm UMR_S 910), Faculté de Médecine,13385 Marseille Cedex 5.

04 91 25 71 59 – Fax : 04 91 80 43 19 – E-mail : nicolas.levy(at)


Biosketch :Professor of Human and Molecular Genetics, Head of the Hospital Medical Genetics Department (La Timone, Marseille) and the Inserm research unit 910 at the faculty of Medicine in Marseille. In 2009, he was nominated as the director of the French National Institute for Rare Diseases by the Health Ministry, and in February 2012 he created and became the director of the French Foundation for rare diseases.

Specialized in genetics of laminopathies and neuromuscular disorders, his team has provided the scientific community with some achievements in these fields.

After identifying the LMNA mutation causing the premature aging syndrome named Progeria in 2003, Nicolas Lévy’s efforts have been dedicated to the identification of a treatment for rare premature ageing diseases. Pre-clinical explorations showed that a combination of statins and aminobiphosphonates was beneficial in human cells and a mouse model. On these bases, Nicolas Lévy’s group could start a phase II therapeutic trial using these drugs for European children affected with Progeria. His efforts are also oriented towards the development of therapeutic strategies in specific muscular dystrophies. His team could show the preclinical efficacy of exon skipping as well as a mini-gene transfer approach in dysferlinopathies, representing the preclinical bases of future clinical trials based on gene therapy in patients.


A. Positions, Cursus, Honors.

Present occupations

University Professor – Hospital Practician (Genetics)

Hospital – Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Marseille – La Timone Children’s Hospital

Head of the Medical Genetics Department.


University – Faculté de Médecine de Marseille – Research and Teaching

Professor of Genetics

Head of the INSERM UMR_S 910 Research laboratory : «Medical Genetics and Medical Genomics»

Head of the research team « Nuclear matrix and associated disorders » (Inserm UMR_S 910).


National – Director of the Rare diseases foundation (Paris).



I –Medical Carreer 

Resident : hospitals of Marseille          1987

Post-resident : Institut Gustave Roussy, Hematology department & Onco-Hematology Genetics lab, Villejuif  1991

Doctorate in Medicine (MD degree), Aix-Marseille University       1992

Specialization obtained in Medical Biology- Aix-Marseille University       1992

Assistant Professor in Genetics          1992

Associate Professor – Hospital Practician – Department of Medical Genetics      1996

Full Professor – Hospital Practician – Department of Medical Genetics       2003

Head of the Medical Genetics Department,        2008


II –Scientific and University Career 

Master degree in Genetics – Aix-Marseille University       1991

Pasteur Institute – course of somatic and molecular Genetics        1991

Pre-PhD training in Human Genetics – Institut Pasteur/University of ParisVII –     1992

Specialization in Human Cytogenetics – Aix-Marseille University      1992

Research fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine, Human and Molecular Genetics, Houston, TX  1997 

Doctorate in Genetics (PhD degree) – Faculty of Sciences, Aix-Marseille University   2000

Habilitation to lead research programs – Faculty of medicine, Aix-Marseille University    2002

Head of the research team : Genetics of neuromuscular disorders, Inserm UMR_S 491    2002

Head of the research team : Genetics of Neuromuscular disorders & Laminopathies, I   2008

Creation & Direction of the research Unit Inserm UMR_S 910 « Medical Genetics & Functional genomics »  2008


III – Awards and Fellowship grants 

Recipient of the award of the University (médaille d’or)        1991

Laureate of Post-residency for research          1992

Fellowship grant from NATO, for one research year at the Baylor College of Medicine 1997

National Institute for Health (NIH) Fellowship grant – Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX    1998 

Cotterman Award from the American Society of Human Genetics (Team Levy for studies on CMT2B1) 2002 

Recipient of the Jean Frezal award (French Society of Human Genetics)for research & developments on Progeria and related diseases            2008 

Grand prix : Sciences & Technologies Festival (For reserach on Progeria and related disorders)  2009

Grand prix de la recherche « Robert Debré » (For research on rare diseases & Premature aging)   2012

Prix de la Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM) (Prix Rose Lamarca de la recherche clinique)  2014


IV – National and International Occupations : Research Institutes, Networks, Societies,… 

– Member of the Inserm Scientific Commission « Functional Genomics and Medical Genetics »    2003 – 2007

– Member of the National Committee for Clinical Research :        2005 – 2007

– Member of the Scientific Board of the Sequencing National Center,       2006 – 2010

– Member of the Scientific committee of the « Université de la Méditerranée »,      2000 – 2004

– Member of the Scientific committee of the medical faculty of Marseille,              1997-2001 and 2005-2013

– Member of the Scientific Board of the Association Française contre les Myopathies,     2006 – 2009

– Member of the Executive board of the European Society of Human Genetics,      2003 – 2008

– Member of the American Society of Human Genetics,      1997 – present

– Member of the Human and Medical Genetics Society,     2002 – present


– Director of the GIS-Institut of Rare Diseases,           2009 – 2012 

Director of the Rare diseases foundation,       2012 – present 



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