PhD, Consultant Life Sciences and Health Care 


Dr. Denis Fompeyrine, PhD is consultant to pharmaceutical companies, health maintenance organizations and health providers, and entrepreneur in healthcare industry. MBA HEC Paris (Fr), he studied at Babson College (USA) and was strategist at Kurt Salmon, expert for Orange R&D and commercial director at Arisem (Thalés). As PhD in clinical psychology and mental health expert, Dr. Denis Fompeyrine is advisor on observance enhancement and treatment desertion. He recently ran an exploratory study on the patient experience and its impact on the implementation of care strategies for AP-HP (Fr) which resulted in a medical publication on the behalf of Prof. Reach M.D.: “ Understanding the patient’s multidimensional experience: a qualitative study on coping in the hospitals of the AP-HP”, forthcoming in March 2015 in the Journal of Patient Preference and Adherence, Dove Press. His latest project, supported by the accelerator of the Ecole Polytechnique (Fr), is focused on the prevention and diagnosis in mental health.

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